About Big Fish Consulting

The Big Fish Consulting Company was created to function as the virtual marketing department to small businesses. We want to provide you everything you need to grow your business, from video production, to website design, to social media management, and more – all under one roof. As our clients’ marketing arm, we produce high-quality, strategic, and integrated marketing at an affordable price. Our goal is to be the marketing company you love to tell your friends about.

We want you to be overwhelmed with our service and astounded with our results, not just satisfied. Big Fish has been helping small businesses grow since 2001, and we have a history of really happy clients.

We’re small, and we’re local—so we know better than anyone the incredible mountain of challenges the average business owner faces every day. Just like you, we agonize over every dollar we spend on marketing and know too well what razor-thin budgets most small businesses work with. In short, we’re here to help. We can help you grow, and we hope that allows you to sleep a little better.

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