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Morningstar is a residential community looking to increase its engagement in social media with its target market from nearby locations. The company also wanted to increase social media monitoring to respond quickly to messages and social media mentions as part of its goal to provide high-quality customer service.


Big Fish created a social media strategy and plan for its social media profiles on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The strategy included developing and posting relevant organic content in all three social media networks on a consistent basis.

For paid traffic, Big Fish designed creatives and developed a pay-per-click campaign targeting homebuyers in their markets through ad buys and setting up rotating creatives.


In just less than one year, Big Fish increased Morningstar’s fans by 33% across all three social networks. With Big Fish’s help, the number of messages posted from Morningstar’s social media accounts increased by more than 900%. In monitoring these accounts, Big Fish ensured Morningstar quickly replied to these messages to enhance customer service.

  • New Fans: 33% Increase
  • More Engagement: 196% Increase
  • More Leads: 711% Increase in Direct Messages

Between the ads and organic posts, Big Fish increased Morningstar’s overall impressions by more than 400%. This means Morningstar gained more visibility as it showed up on people’s radars more than 200,000 times in under a year. It also led to more than 4,000 engagements for an almost 200% increase.

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